Can you protect your Tesla Model S from hackers?

[schema type=”product” url=”″ name=”Tesla Model S” description=”The Tesla Model S may be super high tech but like most computer systems, it is not immune from hackers.” brand=”Model S” manfu=”Tesla Motors” ]

Tesla Motors’ all electric sports car can do zero to sixty miles per hour faster than most gasoline powered automobiles may have one serious flaw.  This car relies on a complex computer system to control nearly every aspect of it.  Can the Tesla Model S be hacked?  Brendan Spaar has learned that all that separates a hacker from this system is a six digit password that can be broken by brute force techniques.  If you think about it, six numerical digits 0-9 only requires 1 million attempts before you have exhausted every possible combination.  This may not sound like a lot but for a computer system that is capable of thousands of attempts per second, it would only take a few minutes before someone has remotely unlocked your car or is allowed to follow it on GPS.  As more and more cars become reliant on technology, automakers need to put cyber security in the same category as vehicle safety.