Did Microsoft just kill TechEd?

Tech enthusiasts around the globe were in shock today as Microsoft announced that it will no longer host its annual TechEd conference.  In a blog posting on the company’s social hub, Channel9, Microsoft says about the termination: “you talked and we listened.” Brendan Spaar wonders who actually asked for the end of TechEd.  In place of TechEd, Microsoft will host another event called the Unified Technology Event for Enterprises.  Rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

This unified event will feature Windows, System Center, and Developer tools as one giant conference.  Brendan Spaar attended TechEd North America 2014 and noticed that all of these technologies were represented.  Microsoft has since updated the blog post to say that TechEd will, in fact, live on.  This was probably due to a lot of negative feedback.  Do whatever you want with the conference but to call it anything other than TechEd is just plain wrong.

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