Apple unveils IOS 8 and more at 2014 WWDC

Manufacturer: Apple
Model: IOS


It’s that time of year again.  Apple has announced the latest version of its iOS operating system targeting iPads and iPhones at this year’s WWDC.  Brendan Spaar doesn’t feel that there are too many new features with this version of iOS.  This may be due to the fact that iOS 7.0 was a huge leap forward and Apple is using this version as more of a maintenance release to improve upon features that are already present on the devices.  Naturally there will be improvements to the camera app, as well as integration into OS X but for the most part, iOS 8.0 just doesn’t have much of a WOW factor.  The ability to log into other apps using your fingerprint is a neat idea if only this security wasn’t defeated last year.  For now, the safest way to keep your data secure is by using a complicated pass phrase, not biometrics.

Besides the iOS 8 hype which will be coming soon to an iPhone 6 near you, Apple announced their connected Home strategy.  Brendan Spaar is a fan of the connected home, having many gadgets that he controls from his phone today.  Their announcement was more of a certification program called HomeKit which will give you peace of mind that your Apple device is the only device capable of turning on your lights, adjusting the thermostat, or opening your doors.  Now the wait is on to see how all of these offerings will integrate into the next iPhone which usually has a release date around September.