Live long and prosper Leonard Nimoy

[schema type=”person” name=”Leonard Nimoy” ] Science fiction geeks all around the world are in mourning today as they learned that Leonard Nimoy aka Spock is dead.  You may remember Nimoy playing the role of the pointy-eared half Vulcan in Star Trek.  He reprised his role in the recent JJ Abrams directed sequel movies.  What some of you may not remember is that Leonard Nimoy released several albums including one where he sang songs from JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books.  Before acting, Nimoy served in the Army for two years and spent 18 months at Fort McPherson in Georgia.

Brendan Spaar had no idea that Leonard Nimoy had been sick and was shocked when he heard the news.  There’s one thing that is certain, many fans will be watching Star Trek movies this weekend.