Samsung Galaxy may use retina authentication technology

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Brendan Spaar has used retina scan technology

Do you remember how last year both Apple and Samsung wowed everyone with the ability to log into your phone using your fingerprint?  Well shortly after the Apple iPhone 5S was released hackers figured out how to trick the fingerprint scanner and all bets were off.  This year Samsung is toying with technology that would allow you to access your phone just by looking at it.  The technology would scan your eyes and recognize that it was you and not some bad guy trying to access the phone.

Brendan Spaar has used retina scanning technology to access data center facilities in the past.  Your retina contains a fingerprint that is rather hard to duplicate or remove from one’s body.  The easy way to trick a fingerprint scanner, as we have all seen done in the movies, is to lift the fingerprint from a glass surface.  You could also chop off someone’s finger but that is a little drastic.  It would be very difficult to recreate the human retina but with today’s 3D printing, Brendan Spaar is not putting anything beyond the capability of determined hackers.